Individual Cream La Personne

Our skin has its individual special features. That’s why it can be difficult to choose face cream that should simultaneously solve all the actual skin problems. But we found the way - it’s the individual cream V.I.F. La Personne! This innovative development is the result of fruitful cooperation of practicing cosmeticians from France and Switzerland. Our collection La Personne has the maximum content of useful substances up to 97%. We don’t use aggressive preservatives because our cream is aimed to be used immediately after production.

How to get Your Individual Cream?

Call us and sign up for free diagnostics to cosmetology doctors from LINLINE clinic: +447889877006

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During this consultation doctor will carry out your skin diagnostics using the most innovative equipment. The skin condition is estimated by the following parameters: moisture, elasticity, phlevel of the skin surface, pigmentation disorder, the level of wrinkles is measured according to the WSRS scale. All the received information can help to develop your own individual recipe of the cream.

Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale is the international scale system to estimate noticeable age-related skin changes.

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Within 7 working days the courier will deliver your own individual cream to the specified address or you can visit the LINLINE clinic and get your cream.

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