V.I.F. Complexe réactif

Development of V.I.F. Compound biological cocktail represents the genuine accomplishment of the laboratory. This component is the basis for all products.

Effect of biological cocktail is conditioned by two major components capable of delaying the aging process.

The first component has natural origin.

It is biological compound consisting of mineral salts, amino acids and peptides. It accelerated metabolism of the skin cells giving energy to the skin.

The second component is the unique AGLYKALINE compound, which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-glycation substance. Saccharides of the organism gradually establish strong connection with collagen and elastin fiber; as a result, fiber function weakens and the skin loses its firmness, and its capability to retain moisture deteriorates. AGLYKALINE compound efficiently prevents glycation of connective tissue (adhesion of collagen and elastin fibers with glucose) and fills the intercellular voids with fat cells; subsequently, the wrinkles are evened and skin firmness is improved. In addition, the compound perfectly protects the skin against toxic free radicals and against oxidation reaction.

 V.I.F. Compound provides energy to the skin and improves oxygenation (oxygen saturation), protects the skin against harmful substances. Due to its miraculous formula it brings back the comfort and optimum balance to the skin.  It removes sensitivity and redness. The skin becomes wonderfully smooth, firm, radiant and filled with energy.